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This area is for notices and items of interest to all car owners. Below you will find links to important governmental agencies as well as some current items. If you know of an item that you feel car collectors should know about, please submit it to the webmaster for consideration for inclusion on this site.

President's Message - January 2016

The New Year is here and many new taxes go into play for 2017.

While Californians ring in the New Year and toast the end of 2016, a handful of new laws touching everything from mascot names to minimum wage to assault weapons will begin to kick in.

Laws the Legislature passed last year that won’t take effect for at least a couple more months. Here is a handy list:

▪ Senate Bill 450: allows counties to mail ballots and open vote centers in lieu of polling places, beginning in 2018.

▪ Senate Bill 1046: requires DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device on their car to receive a restricted license or to reinstate a license, starting in 2019.

▪ Senate Bill 1383: requires the Air Resources Board to approve and implement a short-lived climate pollutant strategy to reduce methane, hydrofluorocarbon gases and anthropogenic black carbon by 2030. The ARB needs to approve a strategy by Jan. 1 2018.

▪ Assembly Bill 857: requires registration and restricts the sale of homemade guns as of July 2018.

▪ Assembly Bill 908: increases compensation for paid family leave by 2018.

▪ Assembly Bill 1066: phases in overtime for farmworkers beginning in 2019.

▪ Assembly Bill 1732: requires single-use bathrooms to be designated all-gender as of March 2017.

I have been in touch with Senator Gaines office and although we were hoping to reintroduce SB 1239 (extending smog exempt to 1980 vehicles), the Senator has decided to take another look at the bill or something similar in the next legislative year. (2018).

SB1239 did get to the Senate floor with a 18 for and 18 against with 4 abstaining, so the bill did not pass. I had mentioned to the Senator in November 2016 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas about a possible bill that would bring any collector vehicles that were branded salvage to be changed to a clear title

California defines a salvaged vehicle as one that has been either totally destroyed or damaged beyond what the insurance company is willing to pay to fix it, so the owner never gets the vehicle repaired. Depending on its condition, one of several things may happen to the car.

The first of these is that the title is exchanged for a Salvage Certificate issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. This becomes the new ownership document; in other words, a salvage vehicle in California has no title.

Resurrecting a Salvage Vehicle

Sometimes, a salvage vehicle can be driven again. Even if an insurer says a car is totaled, it might actually be fixable. When a salvaged vehicle is repaired to street-worthiness, the salvage Certificate is exchanged for a special title so it can be legally sold. This title says "Revived Salvage." It will never get a clean title again. At this point, the vehicle may be re-registered.

After discussing this with our Lobbyist and with a super majority democratic Senate and Assembly for 2017, trying to change the current California insurance law would be a difficult task. The time frame for any new legislation including a spot bill would need to be in by Friday January 20th.

One of the things we need to focus on when supporting or opposing any legislation is getting the message out to all of our members or the public to attend the hearings when the legislation is set to be voted on by the Senate or Assembly. If you can not get to the Capitol to testify, then letters, faxes, or phone calls need to be sent to the legislators in your respective districts informing them that they work for you and expect them to represent your concerns about legislation issues. While checking how many support SB 1239 letters, calls or visits to the respective districts were initiated, I found there were very few. In 2016 the average car enthusiasts that testified in front of committees averaged around 5 or 6 individuals. I encourage all ACCC members to get involved if we want to save our cars in California.

I will be setting up the ACCC display at the GNRS in Pomona January 27 -29, 2017. So far only two directors and two members have volunteered to represent the ACCC at this event. While in Pomona, I will be visiting the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar as well. The SEMA Show takes place October 31 - November 3, 2017 and I will be taking names of ACCC members that would like to attend starting in February 2017. Also on February 7, 2017, I will be attending the San Diego Association of Car Clubs meeting to get information about the possibility of forming a car club council in the Sacramento region

Bob Stearns ACCC President



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